Coes are an independent family of stores, dedicated to providing a truly personal shopping experience and specialising in menswear, womenswear, sportswear and school uniforms.
Their sports department is bigger and better than ever, boasting a range of expert services – including gait analysis and FootBalance Custom Insoles – which is backed by the expert knowledge of their staff. All passionate about sport and with first-hand experience of putting our ranges into action, their priority is helping you find the right kit for you.

When Jan Reeve and Stuart Masters joined the Coes team in 2017, they were keen to create a run club that supported and encouraged runners of all ages and abilities. With the support of Coes, they were able to make this concept a reality and Rushmere Community Runners was born.
Today, the club has in excess of 600 members and is a fantastic asset to the local community; one of many reasons Coes are still proud to sponsor Rushmere Community Runners and to continue to be a part of its journey.

To ensure the club can continue to expand and offer the best service possible to its members, Coes have recently invested in English Athletics certification for group leaders, as well as offering ongoing advice and resources. In addition to this, members are entitled to a 15% discount on run clothing, accessories and footwear at the Coes Ipswich store, which stocks brands such as ONs, Brooks, Nike, Asics, Superdry and SIS Nutrition

Gilmour Piper are delighted to be associated with and a sponsor to Rushmere Community Runners.  They have long enjoyed a professional relationship with Coes and more recently with Stuart and Jan in the sports department.  RCR represents something different to other running clubs, the inclusion of all regardless of running ability and the friendly community where you all help each other out is a familiar ethos to our professional family at Gilmour Piper.

Based centrally in Ipswich for the past 40 years, Gilmour Piper is the county’s most established private health care clinic.  Their team of highly qualified professionals are dedicated to helping each and every client overcome their health concerns to achieve independent living from regaining mobility following surgery, to aiming for race PB’s, they have the team to help you.

The Gilmour Piper team consists of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Pilates and Yoga instructors, Podiatrists, Personal Trainers, and Sports massage and Soft tissue therapists working individually and in many cases together to help runners in prevention of and recovery from injuries.  They believe communication and education are key factors to rehabilitation so they communicate thoroughly and swiftly with each other and all patients are educated in the potential causes of their specific problem and the reasons why specific treatments and rehabilitation exercises are advised.

Their therapists are qualified in taping techniques, acupuncture and the use of extracorporeal shockwave which has been shown to be very effective in reducing pain in the achillies tendon and plantar fascia.  However, passive treatments alone do not fix problems completely, they help with the pain and symptoms in order to perform the required rehabilitation to return to normal.

Gilmour Piper’s podiatrists are experts in routine footcare and biomechanics.  All too often, calluses, corns, verruca’s and ingrowing toenails cause needless pain which leads to compensation in the foot and leg resulting in injury, these issues are easily fixed.  Some runners also benefit from orthotics (shoe inserts) to improve the interaction of the foot and the ground, while this is not recommended as a first line of treatment, when it is useful, having these prescribed by a professional is preferable to off the shelf trial and error and surprisingly inexpensive.

They have a wider back up team on site when injuries or pains are more complex involving spinal, upper and lower limb surgeons, a dedicated foot and ankle surgeon and a sports medicine doctor with on site diagnostic ultrasound and referral to MRI where appropriate.
Gilmour Piper have psychological support in the form of cognitive behavioural therapists and a hypnotherapist, both professions being utilised by professional sports people here to achieve that little bit more.