RCR deaf community runners

Rushmere Community Runners (RCR) prides itself as being a friendly, supportive place where anybody can join in and run regarding of their ability or fitness level.
The Ipswich based running Club also has a growing number of regular runners who have hearing impairments.

This growing group of deaf runners are truly embraced by RCR who have created a safe environment for them to run and be as much a part of then activities as anybody else.

Terry, who has been deaf since the age of three and started running at park runs a couple of years ago, is a regular face at the community running group, “RCR helps me to run in a group and with other people. Not being able to hear makes long solo training runs very isolating and being able to meet and train with fellow runners has been great. RCR has also helped me improve my running through their Tuesday evening ‘drill’ sessions, where we learn more about technique and where I can pick up tips from other runners in the Group”

“Being deaf doesn’t prevent me from running, but the with the support of RCR and me other deaf friends it is made much more enjoyable.” Says Pamela, who joined RCR in January last year. “It’s fun, we laugh a lot, and there is such wonderful support at the club. RCR gives opportunities for us to choose a paced running group to suit our running ability. There really is something for everyone. The Run Leaders always try to ensure that we are included by giving us written instructions of the sessions beforehand, and although it can be difficult for them to communicate any last minute changes they do try to make us aware, and we also feel very comfortable asking the them or other club members for help and to repeat any instructions”

Carol also loves running at RCR, “It’s like a very large family, being deaf doesn’t stop me from running and being part of RCR has made us feel very included, I think the Club embraced us rather well! The Run Leaders are both relaxed and comfortable when we ask questions at sessions and they ensure that we understand and are happy to clarify anything when we ask again.”

Larissa started running so that she could keep fit, “I love that RCR allows me to run with both my deaf and hearing friends. The problem with being deaf is that I can’t hear instructions or a whistle, however other members are always around to help and the Run Leaders are improving and are happy to assist if I need something explaining.”

Gillian, who joined RCR last year, but due to injury was unable to run for a large part of last year has just completed the Club’s C25K course, and also enjoys what the club has to offer, “I run, because everyone else seemed to be doing it and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. I never thought I’d be a runner but with the support of RCR and my deaf running friends I am loving it.”

Many of the deaf runners at RCR have gone on to run in official races and organised events, where the support of the Club continues, with other members either on the start line with them or supporting them from the crowd.

If you want to start your running journey but don’t know where to start or maybe you already run but want to improve, or you just want to join a friendly group to run with join us at RCR. It’s a place where everyone is welcome!