One2run 5k

Introducing the all-new RCR Beginners Running Programme.

From September, following on from the success of its previous C25K groups, Rushmere Community Runners (RCR) are very pleased to offer a completely new style of beginners running programme. This new programme, which is aimed at introducing non-runners to the world of running, will be calling on the expertise of John Reynolds of JRSTT (John Reynolds Soft Tissue Therapy).

John is one of the sponsors of Rushmere Community Runners and he will be working in conjunction with RCR’s experienced Run Leaders to take you from non-runner to 5K runner.

This new, comprehensive and specialised programme will take place over 13 weeks and will look at all aspects of running including the importance of: warm ups, cool downs and stretches as well as form, technique and breathing.

“One2Run5k is a 13 week run programme that develops and builds a runner’s understanding of the elements that are fundamental to both enjoying and understanding how to run efficiently.” Said John Reynolds, “This new course wraps essential topics such posture, balance, biomechanics and form, breathing, stretching, self-myofascial release, core stability and, strength and conditioning around the actual running element of the course.  Runners will develop their running capabilities over the 13 weeks to see them able to run for up to an hour by the end of the programme.”

If you have ever wanted to try running but were not sure where to start, or are returning to running following time out then this course is for you. With knowledge, support, encouragement and a drive for you to succeed, our unique team aim to give you everything you need to start and progress on your new running journey.

This brand new ‘One2Run5k’ course is only available through Rushmere Community Runners and will be based at Ipswich School Sports Centre. The course will start on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 and costs just £15. Places are available to book now via the RCR website at