Meet Paul Bloomfield

We love a success story here at RCR and we think that one of our runners is truly inspirational.

Meet Paul Bloomfield, who is proving whatever your age you can still get that illusive PB!

“As a child I was very ill, suffering from Bronchial Asthma. I outgrew that and joined the Royal Navy at 16 where I trained as a medic. I then did the Commando course and served with the Royal Marines. I also boxed for the Navy so was a very fit young man back then. I came out of the Navy in my early 20’s and then, apart from walking, did no physical activities until I was 69, 40+years later, when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was put on diet and encouraged to exercise for medical reasons, which is when I decided to try a little running and embarked on doing the C25K, and following this I started doing Park Run.

However back in 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer of colon and head of the pancreas. I underwent a 13-hour operation in December of that year and then had seven of eight scheduled chemotherapy sessions. I could not have the last one as was suffering nerve damage to my fingers and toes. My toes and forefoot were always very cold and I struggled to walk only being able to go small distances at a time.

So now to today… As stated I began running in 2015 and I enjoyed it so I have gone on from there. I had a bad injury in September 2016 from which I struggled to recover from so I did not start to run at any pace until January this year when I started to bring my Park Run times down to a better level, it was then that I felt able to do a Half Marathon!

So at the tender age of 72, I entered The Great East Run Half Marathon and I managed to clock a time of 2:54:31 which was only nine minutes outside of my Target but I did have a calf injury a few weeks prior to the half so was happy with that.
During the remainder of 2018 I have improved my PB at Ipswich Park Run bringing my time current time down to of 30:18!”

Paul is amazing and really shows that there are no barriers or age limits when it comes to running or what can be achieved. We are sure that it won’t be long before he manages that sub 30 Park Run either! Well done Paul.