Do you want to start running?

Many people watch the big races on the television, like the London Marathon and
the Great North Run and think, maybe one day they would like to be able to run,
but they don’t feel that they would be able to.

Rushmere Community Runners (RCR) prides itself in creating a safe running
environment for all runners regardless of their ability. The community running
group’s Couch 25K programme as proved very popular, enabling people who
have never run before to achieve goals that they always thought was out of their

Kathy Smith recently completed RCR’s C25K course, “I wanted a challenge and to
prove I could do this, as I wanted to run the Race For Life this year instead of
walking it. I also wanted to join a friendly group where I knew there would be
lots of Support.”

Lisa Porter joined the course for health reasons, “I was overweight, unfit and I sit
behind a desk all day and drive everywhere. Not uncommon in this day and age!
I basically wanted to try a programme where it would benefit my health and help
me to lose weight and get active”

Catheryn Lodge’s reasons for joining the course were different, as she had
already run previously, “I picked up an injury and I wanted to return to running
but at a slower pace that I thought was manageable.” She says.

Karen Hurst hated the thought of running prior to completing the course, “I
needed to improve my diet and fitness. My partner completed the C25K course at
RCR last year and recommended I gave it a try too. I did find it hard, however I
really enjoyed it and I feel so much better about my fitness now. I would
recommend the course to anyone, it’s not as daunting as you think!”











Over a period of nine weeks, C25K gradually takes participants from running for
just one minute to running for 30 minutes. The group meet weekly on a Tuesday
at RCR and then are given ‘homework’ to complete during the week.

“I loved the gradual build up, and continued support and encouragement we
received from the Run Leaders.” Continues Lisa “I really enjoyed the programme
and I feel proud of myself for pushing myself each week. Now I can run 5K, when
I first started I panicked about running for three minutes! If I can do it, anyone

Kathy added, “I am not built like an athlete but my size has not stopped me. It
was a fabulous feeling completing each session and then finally running 5K! The
run leaders are amazing at keeping us going, I even managed a short sprint at the
end of my first 5K!”

Having met during the C25K course the ladies have become firm friends, “We got
together outside of RCR to help each other do our ‘homework.” Kathy says, “We
support each other and now regularly meet up for a run.”

“RCR is like a family.” Concludes Lisa, “ I love the social aspect of the group and
the continued support and encouragement. Everybody who I have spoken to is
so enthusiastic, I am so glad I have joined such a lovely running club.”

Whether it’s completing your first 5k park run or running your first Marathon
Rushmere Community Runners can help you to achieve your goals.

Next C25K course starts Tuesday 30 th April at Ipswich School Sports Centre at 6.30pm