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TESCO Token’s lets go shopping!

Do you shop at Tesco?

RCR are delighted to let you know that our application for the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and that shoppers in three of their stores will be able to vote for RCR during March and April 2019.

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Q & A with Rushmere Community Runners Chairman John Farthing.

How long have you been running and why do you run?

I’ve been running since September 2016. I was a regular distance cyclist before that, and pretty inactive before that! I started running as I got frustrated with cycling for lots of reasons. It started with a Park Run,

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Snetterton race report

The purple army were out in force at Snetterton on Sunday (21st January) when team Rushmere Community Runners turned out to compete in the Inspire Races, Snetterton Track event.

The team ‘garage’ was full of excitement as the day’s proceedings got underway with the 5K event, a race taking in one full lap of the track – a racing circuit usually reserved for racing vehicles!

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Couch to 5k January 2019

Last night (8th January) the latest bunch of new recruits joined Rushmere Community Runners when they started our popular C25K programme.

Over 40 people joined Run Leader Sarah, and other RCR helpers, running for 60 seconds, followed by walking 90 seconds. For some, this is the first time that they have tried running and it was all smiles by the end of the evening.

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Lee’s in Valencia!

Lee Cornwell is a regular face at Rushmere Community Runners.

Lee recently completed a marathon in Spain, here he shares his experience of both training for and running in the Valencia Marathon.
He has been running about three years and is a qualified Leader in Running Fitness.

Lee fell in love with Valencia when he visited there with his wife Allie for their tenth Wedding Anniversary,

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Meet Paul Bloomfield

We love a success story here at RCR and we think that one of our runners is truly inspirational.

Meet Paul Bloomfield, who is proving whatever your age you can still get that illusive PB!

“As a child I was very ill, suffering from Bronchial Asthma. I outgrew that and joined the Royal Navy at 16 where I trained as a medic.

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GROUP 1 5K | PACE: Slow and gentle.
GROUP 1 LONG | PACE: 12-13 min/mile.
GROUP 2 10K | PACE: 11-12 min/mile.
GROUP 3 10K | PACE: 9-11 min/mile.
GROUP 4 10-15K | PACE: 7:30-9:30 min/mile.
GROUP 5 10 MILES | PACE: Sub 7:30 min/mile.